ATTENTION: Bank Your Brilliance Accelerator Coaching for Authors, Speakers and Coaches

How to Get Seen, Get Known & Get Paid Lots of Money Doing What You Love Without Worrying About the TECH!

This Execution-Style program is guaranteed to help you to build a highly visible and profitable business online… even if you are just starting out and have no tech knowledge!

You want more Clients. More Speaking Opportunities. The Absolute Freedom that having a profitable online brand gives.

You would literally can't wait for when your business becomes wildly successful—profitable even beyond your wildest dreams.

There's only one problem.


Building an online business has become frustrating and it gets in the way of you delivering your brilliance and expertise to your audience.

You have so many questions whose answers seem to bear more questions. 

  • What software do I use?
  • How many systems do I need?
  • Do I have time to learn it?
  • Is it hard to learn?
  • How do I get all the software to work together?
  • How can I be more efficient and yet not get stuck in the technology?
  • How do I know if my investment in tools will generate income for me?

You have invested your time, money and efforts in programs, challenges and just want to find something that will work for your lifestyle and generate a consistent stream of income for you. 

This is why Bank Your Brilliance Accelerator was created. 

Get the Strategy, Systems & Support to Create, Launch & Monetize your Brand in 2023

Welcome to Bank Your Brilliance Accelerator 1.0

This program is like no other. It is time to work on the different parts of your brand/business so you can begin to see results IMMEDIATELY.

This is for you if YOU:

  • have built a successful corporate career and want to transition into coaching, mentoring or consulting.
  • want to build a profitable business from international speaking opportunities
  • are a business owner and you are tired of trying to post endlessly on Social media without any engagement on your posts
  • have a compelling story to share and want to help a lot of people with your story
  • Are done with droughts and famine in your coaching business and want to discover the secrets to having an endless stream of prospects and clients

 You will be Executing a Fail-Proof System That Has Generated Thousands of Dollars in Revenue and Massive Exposure for Industry Experts!!!

This "coaching" program is not for the "hearers" but for "Doers". You will learn and implement the winning strategies and actionable systems to help you make accelerated progress when it comes to building your brand successfully online without the mistakes others are making!

The program is guaranteed to help you:

be recognized among the top 10% of your industry

Getting recognized as an authority in your industry will open doors that could have taken years to open. You no longer chase clients but have people sending you messages about how you have impacted them and how ready they are to invest in your programs/offerings.

command the attention of thousands of paying clients 

What do I say to get people to listen to me?

How do I create engaging content that endears me to my audience? How do I go from overlooked to overbooked?

The Bank Your Brilliance Accelerator Program will guide you to effortlessly create the content that educates, inspires and entertains your audience while keeping them excited and ready to buy from you. 

create systems that make money while you sleep

Working round the clock is soooo old school. In today's business world, you should be able to deploy systems that can help you work more efficiently so that you spend less time doing routine stuff and make more money. 

All the industry greats don't do it alone. You shouldn't. 

This is Not The Regular "Goodbye and Thank You" Program

I understand what it means to be non-techy, so this program is designed to be as the session, you will be able to identify where the possible blockages are in your money flow and what to do to remove them and secure a consistent flow of income into your business.

templates, copy-and-paste, Prompts

It is one thing to know what to do, it is another thing to know how to do it. 

So we are taking that burden off you. 

you will be getting templates for creating your copy, lead magnet, sales page, etc 

All you need to do is model and tweak to your liking. 

This includes templates for graphic designs too! How awesome is that?!

Meet your Business Bestie, Ruth!

Hello, my name is Ruth and in 2015 when I started online, I didn't know what a URL was. (Laughs). my background is in Human Anatomy and that is a far cry from where I am now. So I know what it is to be thrown into a world of tech and digital tools and the feeling of being frustrated and confused about what others find very simple. 

Today I help brands get seen, known and paid using online systems and tools. I have been published on global platforms such as the Huffington Post and works with clients from around the world.

Bank Your Brilliance Accelerator 1.0

Over the period of six months, here's what you get to learn & EXECUTE


Identify Your "Ready-to-Buy" Audience

- Everyone online is not your audience. Your audience is the group of people who are willing and able to invest in a solution for a problem they have.

This program will show you how to identify them in a sea of sameness online and get them to gravitate towards you like iron pellets to magnet. Whether you have 500 followers or 5000, you can make good money!

Say goodbye to thousands of followers without anyone paying for your services. 


Attract with SEO: Attract Them Using Intentional Messaging

Do you often feel like there are so many people in your niche/industry?

Your messaging is what makes you different.

I'd be giving you the expert guide to getting seen by thousands of people without paying for ads.

You will have people clicking your content and going to your sales pages because you have optimized your digital footprints. 

 Whether you want to blog every day or once a month, there is a hack to consistently get the traffic you desire and indeed, deserve.


Websites That Win: (WordPress Basics 101)

This is where the rubber hits the road! 
Many people are fine until you hand them the login details to their website.
Everything sounds like Spanish or ancient Arabic. 

Don't worry, I have been there and I can tell you, there's a shortcut for non-techies. You don't need to know all the codes. 

I will share the detailed steps on how you can create a post, a page, moderate comments on your website, without needing to call your website developer for a tiny update.

This alone is priceless! (Especially if you don't like to feel helpless or handicapped in your business).


DIY Content Like a Pro - Social Media Content for Non-Techies

There is a science and an art to creating content that stands out. In this module, we will guide you into creating content that educates, informs, entertains and most importantly, sells your products/services. You will create your customized system to ensure you are consistent with your social media posts, even if you want to post 3 times a day. 

This covers designing eye-catching graphics to attract the right audience as well as  short videos to be used especially on IG Reels/TikTok.

You will also become skilled at using content to build relationships with industry influencers and experts. 


Digital Product Creation: Make Money When You Sleep

We show you how to turn what you already know into a digital product and then how to create a digital product with as little stress as possible. We guide you into creating an online course as an extra source of income. 

We also show you the tools you can use in creating your online course so that in as little as 30 days, your course is launched - from idea to income!


How to Land International Publications & Speaking Engagements Using Your Content

Your brand perception is how people see you and you can shape this by the content you share. This is an execution-style challenge after which you will be  able to use your unique content framework (How you share your message) to land get seen on global platforms and command high ticket speaking fees. 

This covers what you need to have BEFORE and AFTER they contact you.


You Get LIFETIME ACCESS to automated daily content ideas and prompts to grow your business online!

Showing up consistently online is critical and we want you to begin implementing as quickly as possible. With lifetime access to Sambe, you can: 

  • Generate engaging content for social media
  • Get noticed by thousands of people around the globe
  • Expand your rough ideas into highly optimized content prompts
  • Use what people are searching for to create content (and products!)
  • Stay accountable and consistent online


And It Just Keeps Getting Better...

You don't just get a one-touch experience as a participant of the Build Your Online Empire Coaching Program. You also get:

Accountability & Support: Live Monthly Group Calls for FREE

My guarantee, you are not alone! You get to ask questions and review your progress during the monthly group calls handled by my team and I so that you are steadily making the progress you desire. 

Bonus: Special Class with TV Personality and Coach  for PR Strategies When Handling Radio/TV interviews

This is worth thousands of dollars in value because you want to ensure that your one minute in the spotlight is memorable and profitable. 

Bonus:  Get featured on VIP Magazines and Podcasts

We have compiled a list of blogs, magazines and podcasts that will love to hear from you and share your story/expertise with their community.   

What is the cost for access to people and opportunities around the world?


I would say.

But if you want to put a price to it, this coaching could easily go for $10,000 when you think about the wealth of experience and expertise being brought together and the fact that it is an implementation program where you get to work on the assets that build your brand. 

To even help you execute quickly, it includes templates, copy-and-paste content as well as tools that you can easily customize for your business. 

So it's Strategy + Training + Systems. 

Amazing, isn't it?

But we want you to have no reason to procrastinate:

online course access

Get Strategy & Systems access



  • Lifetime Access to all Course recordings
  • Access to Premium Directory to be published on global platforms 
  • Gold Access to Sambe app for daily Content Ideas for Social media
  • Monthly Group FAQ session with AVC team and/or Ruth
  • Access to online business toolkit with 30+ recommended apps, softwares and systems to help you build online


group coaching 

Learn & Execute Your Global  Brand REVAMPED! 

Learn and get your Assets together in six months!


  • Lifetime Access to all recordings
  • RoadMap to Millions VIP Session with Ruth
  • Access to Premium Directory to be published on global platforms 
  • Gold Access to Sambe app for daily Content Ideas for Social media
  • Access to online business toolkit with 30+ recommended apps, softwares and systems to help you build online 
  • FREE Social media/website Bio Audit & Revamp
  • Monthly 60 mins Coaching Call with Ruth
  • Specially designed Speaker kit which can be printed or kept as PDF 
  • Free 2 minute video introduction for your brand

Want to have an Exclusive Done-for-You Experience?

The Blog to Bank Accelerator program (Done for You) gives you the leverage of having my team of writers, web designer, graphics designer and sales funnel specialist to build your digital assets as I also provide SEO strategies for you to quickly dominate Google searches for your industry. One time payment of $15,000 or 6 payments of $3,000 each. 

We cannot serve everyone/anyone in this capacity so an application helps us to know if this will be a good fit for you at this phase in your business. 

Here’s what people are saying about Ruth Zubairu

Don't just take my word for it. Here are what people have to say about working with me

Amachree Isoboye

 Founder, Word Cafe

...Service delivery is top-notch.

It has been an awesome experience working with Ruth. She is always positive, calm and detailed. 

She definitely knows what to do to get results. 

I would recommend her to anyone. 

AY, London

Founder, Linden Talent

My page now has great content  

I'm in awe of how you are able to get content like that from the little I give you. 

Super grateful for your help and direction in this space. 

As a Recap, Here's What You GET

  • Specific details on how to identify YOUR audience and get them to be attracted to your message 
  • Easy-to-follow guide on how to navigate your website (WordPress, Wix or Squarespace)
  • Access to tools and systems that industry experts use everyday to run their businesses online
  • Strategies to land your first client... and create an additional source of income with your online course created and launched in 30 days
  • Access to training and tools to help you generate engaging content for social media
  • Access to people, collaborations and opportunities by getting featured on  global magazines ASAP


What if I have questions?

All questions will be attended to either via email support, Group FAQ or during the monthly personal coaching call 

what if I am unhappy with the course. wiill there be refunds? 

Since this is a knowledge-based course and knowledge CANNOT be reversed once learned, this course is NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions. We encourage ONLY those who are ready to implement to take the course.

Is there an option for instalmental payment? 

Yes, of course. Although this comes with a 10% increment. Please send an email to info@avc-ng.com to get more details on this. Or connect via Facebook Messenger

will there be others in the group?

I believe in the power of accountability so you will have the opportunity to connect with the others in your group and cheer each other onto success. So you are not alone! 

how long do i have access to the course content?

All participants will have LIFETIME access to course content as well as access to future updates and guest sessions for the program


We cannot wait to see you on the inside!