Tired of Buying Books and Courses Teaching You How to Create Content for Social Media?

I can help you convert your "I Will..." to  DONE!

It is time to share your expertise, connect with your audience, and get more sales of your products/services

Let us Do it For You - 30 Day Calendar

Showing up on social media is NOW inevitable. But it doesn't have to cost you tears, sweat and blood!

In just a few steps, your customized calendar will be sent to your email

Our promise is to help you

  • Communicate your message in your OWN voice to your audience. (No copy and paste)
  • Create specialized engagement questions and statements to attract and engage your target audience 
  • Give you access to our recommended digital tools to attract and nurture leads

How This Works

  • Pay A Discounted Fee Of N5500 /$14.99
  • Fill Out A Detailed Form With Product/Service Descriptions - This helps us to create the content categories and come up with content titles for your brand
  • Wait 24 - 48 hours for your 30-Day Customized Calendar
  • Voila!

Take time off... and build 

Now you can finally get the breather you've been looking for!

Your audience is served consistently with great content and you focus more on your business instead of running around in circles worrying about what to post.

With N5500 as investment, you can recycle your content and change it up whenever you like.

What people on the internet say...

When it comes to Social Media Mastery and management, Ruth is KING.

No fanfare. No too much noise. Just good old results and deliverables. 

AVC is a company devoted to international standards and with a clear understanding of global best practices in the marketplace. 

Will recommend them again and again. 

Jane Oma

Change Management/The Mother Eagle, Madrid

Hello! My name is Ruth...

In the last five years I have reinvented myself from being an intelligent Human Anatomy graduate to running a global Communications & Digital PR Agency whilst working from home.

The results of working with me have helped my clients achieve phenomenal results, whether they are corporate organizations or influential individual brands.
My new work tool and best selling business book, The Content Cookbook has been praised as a guide for every social media manager in 2020 and beyond.

I believe social media is a tool that when expertly handled will help any brand/organisation get phenomenal results in their brand perception and profitability.

I can't wait to work magic with you!

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