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The Done-for-You Guest Post & PR Feature

Showing up online is NOW inevitable. But it doesn't have to cost you tears, sweat and blood!

In just a few steps, you will be set up to be published and seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Without you having to write A SINGLE WORD.

Our promise is to help you:

  • Attract and engage your target audience your message in your OWN voice to your audience. (No copy and paste)
  • Share your brilliance to completely new audiences
  • Grab the opportunity to grow your email list
  • Promote your book or event
  • Fill spots in your upcoming workshop or coaching program
  • Drive traffic to your website for SEO purposes

How This Works

  • We schedule an interview slot to determine what you'd like to share with the targeted audience
  • I do the research for the best fit, and create the article based on the recording of the interview.
  • I craft the email pitch for the editor as well as all the necessary requirements
  • You copy and paste the email pitch to your email and send to the chosen editor.
  • Once it is approved, we celebrate! 
  • Publishing date determines on the editorial calendar of the blog. 
  • The media interview feature for Fox, NBC and CBS will be submitted and published within one week. 

Here's What You Get

To keep things succinct, here's what you get:

- You are published on a blog with your specific target audience and get seen by at least 300,000 readers

- You get featured on Fox, NBC and CBS as an interview or press release

For NG folks, BusinessDay online and GuardianWoman Online

- A landing page is created to capture leads for you if you don't have one. (No worries if you don't have a website). 

- A lead magnet (PDF Downloadable) is created for you

- An email automation is created to deliver your lead magnet

Here's Why You Should Work with Me

?One, SKILL.

I have been trained in the art of Guestblogging. As a student of Jon Morrow in 2015, I know how to craft my headline, post and email pitch to get a "Yes".


Not only do I have the training, I have recorded over 90% success rate in not only my email pitches but also for my clients.

I have since then been published on Positively Positive, Aha-Now, The Huffington post, Addicted to Success and BellaNaija to name a few.

Hello! My name is Ruth...

In the last six years I have reinvented myself from being an intelligent Human Anatomy graduate to running a global Communications & Digital PR Agency whilst working from home.

The results of working with me have helped my clients achieve phenomenal results, whether they are corporate organizations or influential individual brands.

My first big break came when I was published on the Huffington Post in 2016.

Doors opened to collaboration, speaking opportunities and paid contracts because of that feature. 

I have gotten amazing PR results for myself as well as for my clients and I want you to take advantage of this opportunity. 

It is not a class. 

Neither is it a workshop. 

It is a Done for You service where we work 0ne-on-One with you until your article is published. 

I can't wait to work magic with you!

What People On The Internet Say...

When it comes to Online Visibility Strategies and content management, Ruth is KING. 

No fanfare. No too much noise. Just good old results and deliverables. 

AVC is a company devoted to international standards and with a clear understanding of global best practices in the marketplace. 

Will recommend them again and again. 

Jane Oma

Change Management/The Mother Eagle, Madrid

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