You are a Content Detective 

You have content online, pages upon pages of content, probably have a 10-year old website but this doesn't bring you any traffic (or clients) and I'd tell you why.

Your No 1 SEO Content Obstacle is ... Being Unsearchable

You may have been creating lots of content online but search engines like Google cannot find you. And this is not good for your website ranking and your bank account!

Like a Detective, you often collect information or create content that aims to solve people's problems. 

But you are largely unseen. 

But we can fix it.

Here's what you can quickly do.

Create your Content Framework

This covers the depth of what you can offer your audience. All that you want them to know that can help them move from that place of depression to a place of transformation. Choose 5 pillar topics (themes) that your content will focus on and create mini topics around them.

Understand the Basics of SEO

SEO can be as easy as tweaking a headline or adding a relevant subtitle. You want your content to be as close as possible to what people are already searching for. There are tools for that. And I promise you that it gets easier. So the more you write and publish, the better you become. 

Promote Your Content

Your content doesn't need to be the best kept secret. Create a promotional calendar so that it keeps you accountable.

Detectives are great at identifying lead witnesses and using that to build a great case. 
Identify people who you can share your blog links with so that you get more eyeballs on your great content.

Content types that work for you: Interviews, Round-up posts, Case-Studies, FAQs and Opinion Pieces


My name is Ruth, SEO Content Strategist 

I help coaches and consultants drive traffic to their compelling content so they can sell their offers without paid ads.

My PMP Framework (Positioning-Messaging-Packaging) has helped many coaches gain global recognition and make more money from their business without working 24-7 online.
I love to show you how to use organic traffic to build an audience that is hungry to buy from you. 

When I started online, I didn't know what a URL was. So I understand what it means to be non-techy.

Join me on a free call to see what type of content you create and how to make it work for you in terms of attracting the right leads and converting leads to clients. 

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