You are a Content Daredevil

You certainly are not the type to follow status quo. You are not afraid to speak on controversial topics or have views that are different from what everyone does. But this often alienates you rather than helping you attract the kind of people who believe your message. 

Your No 1 SEO Content Obstacle is ... Being Inconsistent

You may have been described as someone with an interesting personality but there is not enough about you online to help people form an opinion about you in your industry. 

You show up once in a while and almost as quickly you disappear. 

Out of sight especially online is definitely out of mind. 

You want to ensure that people remember who you are, your words and opinions on things that matter. 

WHY? Speaking engagements are a great way for you to earn. And your ability to charge or increase your rates is largely dependent on how much of your content is available online.  

But you are largely unseen. 

But we can fix it.

Here's what you can quickly do.

Create your Content Framework or Pool

This covers the depth of what you can offer your audience. You should be very specific about the areas you cover so that you are memorable for something specific. You want to ensure that with time, people in your industry/niche get familiar with seeing/hearing your name. Choose 5 pillar topics (themes) that your content will focus on and create mini topics around them.

Use Trends to Your Advantage  

A quick way to break into top relevance is to create content around trending topics. THis can be as easy as using Google trends or Twitter Trends to see topics that people are already talking about and sharing your opinion. Remember to use SEO tactics to create your headlines and/or subtitles. This will help people find your content easily on search engines. And you just might get a chance at going viral!

Become a Relevant Thought Leader 

Your content doesn't need to be spontaneous all the time. Your goal is to provide a different narrative and help people to embark on a journey of questioning and watch how they become your loyal ambassadors.
And building thought leadership means using content to change perception. To stay consistent, you can create a calendar of topics you want to talk about and publish them at a regular interval. Your content is driven by a desire to see CHANGE. So start publishing.


Content types that work for you: Opinion Pieces, Expose Series, Review Posts, White Papers, Surveys/Polls, Rants, Debates & Open Letters


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