You are a Content Diva

You certainly are the life of the party! And this shines through in your content. You love videos, TikTok, Reels are not a problem for you. You are a familiar face/handle on social media.
Long story short, you are popular/famous.  But this often does not translate into money and you wonder how to get paying clients from your social media activities. 

Your No 1 SEO Content Obstacle is ... Being Only On Social Media 

You are an exciting personality. You probably have a large following on social media. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok are places you love to share your content and your followers love you for it.

But you have one major worry. 

You are not converting that content/following to cash. 

We can fix it.

Here's what you can quickly do.

Create your Searchable Content Asset 

This is where you store your content and it will be found by search engines. This covers a website which is self-hosted, and/or a YouTube channel. 

Creating your content on these platforms ensure that people who search for terms or phrases are shown articles or videos that answer their search query. When you create content on these platforms, ensure that you use search terms that people are already searching for, and you're good to go!

Use Social Media As a Traffic Source 

What's working should be optimized. You are already active on social media and probably have a tribe of people that love and adore you. But social media is borrowed media.

You need to send them to your website or invite them to join your email list. 

This is because to make money from social media, your followers need to move along the customer journey by becoming leads and then clients/customers. 

Use Trends to Establish Influence 

A quick way to break into top relevance is to create content around trending topics. This can be as easy as using Google trends or Twitter Trends to see topics that people are already talking about and sharing your opinion. Remember to use SEO tactics to create your headlines and/or subtitles. This will help people find your content easily on search engines. And you just might get a chance at going viral!

Content types that work for you: Contests/Challenges, Event Summaries, Listicles, Infographics, Interviews, Product Review Posts, Resource Posts, Rants & Community Polls


My name is Ruth, SEO Content Strategist 

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My PMP Framework (Positioning-Messaging-Packaging) has helped many coaches gain global recognition and make more money from their business without working 24-7 online.
I love to show you how to use organic traffic to build an audience that is hungry to buy from you. 

When I started online, I didn't know what a URL was. So I understand what it means to be non-techy.

Join me on a free call to see what type of content you create and how to make it work for you in terms of attracting the right leads and converting leads to clients. 

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