You are a Content Doctor!

Whether it is in the fact that you solve people's problems or that you are a true expert at what you do, the Content Doctor superpower fits you like a glove.  

Your No 1 SEO Content Obstacle is ... Being Unavailable

Who wants a doctor that is unavailable? Or inconsistent?


That is what your inconsistency is doing to your audience.

You have the expertise to help them solve their problems and you have great insights that they would love to read and even invest in, but you are not there.

You show up once in a while and almost as quickly you disappear. 

Out of sight especially online is definitely out of mind. 

Inconsistency is something you need to tackle quickly if you want to grow your influence and create a profitable business from what you already know. 

And we can fix it.

Here's what you can quickly do.

Create your Content Framework

When you have an idea of what to say, it won't look cumbersome to publish the content! You want to create a structure around how you share content that provides actual transformation for your readers. Choose 5 pillar topics (themes) that your content will focus on and create mini topics around them. 

Bonus: You can create voice notes and then transcribe later. 

Use Trends to Your Advantage  

A quick way to get started is to tap into already existing topics. You can use Google trends or Twitter Trends to see topics that people are already talking about and share your opinion. You are an EXPERT. 

It is time to show it with your content.  Remember to use SEO tactics to create your headlines and/or subtitles. This will help people find your content easily on search engines. And you just might get a chance at going viral!

Get Help to Stay Consistent 

Now you know what to post, the challenge is to stay consistent.

You can use tools like Facebook Creator Studio to create your content and schedule it ahead of time so that it goes out when you want it to.

You can also outsource your content distribution so you can be sure that your content converts to cash.

People have questions and problem areas and once you can solve their problem, they will be happy to invest in your solution.

So start publishing. 

Content types that work for you: How-To Tutorials, Industry News and Implications, Case Studies, FAQs, SlideShares, Beginner Guides & Round up Posts


My name is Ruth, SEO Content Strategist 

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I love to show you how to use organic traffic to build an audience that is hungry to buy from you. 

When I started online, I didn't know what a URL was. So I understand what it means to be non-techy.

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