The Only Way to Be Successful is to … START

Join the Sambe Pride: Become. Connect. Shine

Join the tribe of women who are passionately serving God, diligently executing their business with excellence and supporting one another in love.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If this sounds like you, then be comforted! You are in good company.

Welcome to Sambe Pride: Purpose, People and Profits

There’s something I know about you: you want to live a life of purpose, vibrantly fulfilling your mission here on earth, creating impact in society and not having to worry about unpaid bills.
You want to be successful so you can have enough, not just for yourself but to be a blessing to others.

All you need is a Vibrant Community of Real Women (and men!) where you can learn new ideas/skills, connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs and grow your brand/business with the right strategies guaranteed to give you global recognition.

Welcome to Sambe Pride


As I prayed and brainstormed over the name for the platform, I knew it what I wanted it to achieve for the women in the group.

I wanted it to be what I needed when I was starting out.

A place to

That is what the Sambé Pride is for.

With live videos, case studies and Masterclasses and group discussions, you will find amazing resources to help you move closer to your goal this year.

And I won’t be doing this alone.

I have been blessed by amazing industry experts and thought leaders that have been instrumental in my group.

This benefit will be shared with you as well.

With amazing sessions by other leading men and women, you will learn from their mistakes and victories and achieve more in less time.

The value of this is invaluable as I have spent thousands of dollars to build my expertise and network.

People connected to global communication online community confer

That's not all

In addition to all the training and community support you will get, you get the Gold Access to Sambé – Content Autogenerator that gives you unlimited search ideas for your brand

When we launch the Sambé app, it will be at a monthly fee of $29 or N6500

If you sign up now, you get to be locked in at a much cheaper rate of $14.99 or N3500 monthly

Better still, we have created annual payment plan which gives you two months FREE.

So you pay $149 or N35,000 for 12 months.

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