Tired of Having Countless Ideas for your BestSeller Book without Action? Do You Want to See Your Book Published?

I can help you convert your "I wish..." to  DONE!

It is time to share your expertise, connect with your audience, and get more sales of your products/services through YOUR BOOK.

Let us Do it with You - Book Writing Maximizer

Becoming an author is a major milestone to building authority in your niche. But it doesn't have to cost you tears, sweat and blood!

Too many books have ended unwritten or unpublished. This shouldn't be YOU.

In just 90 days, your book will be ready to be showcased to the world.

Our promise is to help you

  • Communicate your message in a crisp, concise manner that is conversational and error-free.
  • Create a compelling book cover design 
  • Craft an irresistible description and Author's Bio
  • Set up your EBOOK on Amazon
  • Create a personal brand website/Book page (optional)
  • Create a promotional video for your book marketing
  • Give you access to our recommended digital tools to attract and nurture leads

How This Works

  • Be an EXPERT at what you do. 
    We take our reputation very seriously and only get behind individuals and corporate organisations of repute. 
    You MUST have original ideas, your story or your expertise to share with the world. If you don't have these, then we MIGHT not be the best fit for you.
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    During the call, we will identify where you are in your book journey, what your goals are and how best to get you to crush those goals

  • Voila! 90 Days Later, your book is READY!

You Write... we get it published (and sold!)

Now you can finally get the big break you've been looking for!

You will go from unknown to Omni Status. You will build an audience that is attracted to your specific message and loves you for who you are!

And they want more of your products and services.

With $2999 as investment, you are set ready to FLY!  (Payment plans apply)

Hello! My name is Ruth...

In the last five years I have reinvented myself from being an intelligent Human Anatomy graduate to running a global Communications & Digital PR Agency whilst working from home.

I am an author of 2 books and have helped countless clients get their books edited and published. 

The results of working with me have helped my clients achieve phenomenal results, whether they are corporate organizations or influential individual brands.
My new work tool and best selling business book, The Content Cookbook has been praised as a guide for every social media manager in 2020 and beyond.

I believe that having a published book opens doors for any expert looking to book more speaking engagements or grow a profitable tribe.

I can't wait to work magic with you!

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