Who are we?

AVC is a creative agency that serves seasoned career executives, highly influential personal  individual brands and corporate businesses who want to build a thriving business from thought leadership, speaking and coaching.

We help them successfully craft a customized brand strategy for their online presence, develop marketing systems that consistently grow their brand and create high-impact products/service packages that their audience will love to pay for; thus helping them to share their knowledge and experience as well as make a consistent six-figure income without wearing themselves out.

Our Vision

Energizing brands with profitable visibility

Our Mission

Providing creative solutions that help our clients grow a highly engaged audience and monetize their expertise

Our Values


Meet Our Team

C . E . O .

Ruth Zubairu

Ruth believes in her mandate to be a shining light that inspires and empowers. Coming from a background in Human Anatomy, she has reinvented herself and built a thriving career in Business Strategy, PR Communications and Digital Marketing.

Product Designer

Echem praise

I am a design driven individual who takes into consideration minute details to make a work better. I have an eye for great designs and use them to make my work reach similar heights.

Board of Directors

Jane oma

Jane Oma, a recognized, enthusiastic instructional/executive coach and ESL professional with years’ experience addressing client’s needs and a commitment to helping clients and students achieve their desired goal in their professional development or learning process.

Social Media Manager

Agbo Ogechi Perpetua

Digital marketer and content creator, email marketer, social media manager.

Board of Directors

Deji dj sobanjo

I help organisations develop the managers that transform your business, improve engagement & overall team performance

Communications Assistant

Esther Okah Orevaoghene

Esther is a social media manager and content creator who loves what she does and seeks to create a difference in her world

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