The Content Cookbook - A Tool for Inclusion

It’s time to bring out the dancing shoes, girl!

The turn of the decade poses a great opportunity for women looking to establish themselves in the workplace.

According to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends Report for 2019, 72% of talent professionals agree that work flexibility will be very important for the future of HR and recruiting.

More organizations are embracing the concept of working from home or remote-working and this has allowed a huge fraction of women secure well paying jobs. Hooray to gender inclusion!
The era where women are sidelined and relegated to the background because they are raising children is gradually phasing out albeit slowly in Africa.

The coming of the internet, digital media and the amazing discoveries with technology has skyrocketed the availability of job opportunities and created a level playing ground for all.

The job market is no longer local, and because of technology, we now have access to a global hiring pool.
When people hear that my first degree is in Human Anatomy, the question almost always follows; how did you make the switch?

Having my first two sons in quick succession meant that I was grounded. literally.
Unless I had help, it was just me and the boys.
I soon turned to the internet for stimulating conversation, something other than “mummy this, or mummy that*.

Gratefully, I found that the avenues for further career development were no longer restricted to the four walls of a classroom.
E-learning has made it possible for anyone seeking knowledge to find great content and even get certified without being constrained by location.

That was how my journey to Consulting began.

With the increase of digital tools and new media, I am so happy for the women and young girls who now have the opportunity to blossom and pursue their dreams while they care for their family and other responsibilities.

It is in the same spirit of providing leverage that inspired me to put together the Content Cookbook.
This is a business manual that contains copy and paste (tweak as you like) social media content for the entire year.
Creating content, generating social media engagement and being on top of social trends is a lot of work.
For busy entrepreneurs who want to avoid the pitfall of having a wrong person handle their social media, this is the best thing to happen in 2020.

The Content Cookbook is guaranteed to help you organize your work, save time and increase efficiency.
For women who are Social Media managers, this is the blueprint to 10X your income.
The few hours you get to spend on your business will yield more results for you as this saves you at least 40 hours per week trying to come up with content for yourself or the brands you work with.

It contains 366 templates and prompts for creating highly engaging social media content every day for the whole year.

A resource like this could easily be valued at N5000 monthly, that is N60,000 for a whole year.

A copy gives you access to a PDF bonus of 109 inspiring quotes (valued at N10,900) and CUSTOMIZABLE templates on Canva for graphics creation (valued at N48,000 for the year)
All this valued at N118,900 also includes the Support Group for FAQs which is simply priceless.

But the Content Cookbook can be purchased at N10,000 while stock lasts.

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