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Social Media Management

In Social Media Management, we offer a range of services that include consultation sessions to understand your social media goals and identify your target audience. We also draw up strategies to help execute your business social media goals, curation, and researching of content, writing engaging and irresistible content, managing the social media page, and running ads to meet the social media goals.

This is a comprehensive offering to help business professionals get known, seen, and paid online doing what they love doing. 

We do this by curating content and managing your profile across all social media platforms to people who need your service with no geographical barrier.

Content Creation Training

In Content Creation Training, we offer this service for those who want to gain knowledge in content creation. This is a service for individuals or businesses who want to improve their content creation skills for profit or personal use.

We do this by taking our students through coursework with videos, workbooks, and assignments to practice what they have learnt in the course of the training. They have access to live sessions, books, and feedback to help them scale through no matter their level of experience. 

We have curated content prompts and ideas that are suitable for any industry for full inclusiveness.

Software as a service (Sambe)

For Sambe, we offer this service for those who want to buy our uniquely curated content calendar for their business. This helps save time and money. All you have to do is explain the services and goals of your brand and we would do a done-for-you content calendar. You can just simply copy and paste and track performance. This is a service for any business professional. 

We do this by having a consultation to understand your business needs, then content strategies that work for your business, then research and audience mapping to create a tailored content calendar to help meet your business needs.  

Website and Mobile App Development

The Website and Mobile App Development services are for high-end professional and business owners who want to scale up their business and put structure in place to make their service or products make money for them hands-free. 

We would have a required strategy session with you before and during the process of building the website and or building the app. We would get familiar with your brand goals, values, audience, and services to effect a suitable app or website for you.

We guarantee adequate research and testing of the site and app for high optimization.

Online Course Creation

The Online Course Creation service is for business professionals who want to earn from selling their knowledge. We would walk you through the process of creating a course by going through a consultation session. Then we write out the script and course framework you would record with our help. 

We would run a marketing launch to help sell your products.

Guest Blogging & International PR Features

In Guest Blogging & International PR Features, we offer a range of services which include target audience mapping, strategic amplification of unique message/offering, creation of an irresistible lead magnet as well as Press release writing. 

It is a combo offering that positions experts, seasoned professionals and experienced business owners as the credible authority in their space no matter their geographical location. 

Using print and online media outlets, we create a distinct message that helps people know the person for a particular subjectmatter or area of interest/expertise. 

It is never late to be what you might have been.

-George Eliot

365 Guide for social media

In the sea of millions of text, images and videos being churned out daily, it is a real struggle to create something that will keep your audience engaged. And not just that, create the kind of content that showcases your brilliance well enough to trigger a buying conversation. You’ve seen others do it. You’ve always wondered HOW.

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My strategy session with Ruth was professional and to say the least eye-opening. Ruth clearly is very aware and on top of public relations and marketing. There were multiple moments of clarity that proved very
helpful. I would highly recommend Ruth if you're
looking to get your marketing into gear.
Ruth's insight on pricing and structuring my offer allowed me to create multiple streams of income and save time simultaneously. It simply doesn't get better than that.



It has been an awesome experience working with Ruth; always calm, positive and detailed. Service delivery is top-notch.
I will keep working with her to get better at digital marketing. I would recommend her to anybody.

Thank you Ruth!




Ruth has helped me with my launch campaign, strategizing, writing my content and generally helping me through what's expected of me.
What I appreciate most about working with Ruth is that, she has saved me hours of having to write and rewrite copy. She has used her expertise and
experience to create a sequence of emails that has generally made my campaign so much better.
She always keeps a cool and calm head even when
I'm stressed, and she has managed to even write in
my voice!



they love us.

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