Work & Life: 6 Useful Tips On How To Run Your Business During The Holidays

6 tips to have a work and life balance

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”. – Dolly Parton

It is a common issue for almost every business professional to have an imbalanced work and life. Adding kids to the equation can even be more hectic especially while they are home for the holidays. 

In this week’s newsletter, I would be sharing practical tips on how to run your business during the holidays. 

1. Plan Ahead Of The Holidays

The holiday season is not a sudden occurrence so it is possible to plan and strategize ahead. Begin to put structures in place like outlining, scheduling, and setting reminders for important dates for meetings for the business and outings for yourself and the family. You can also plan ahead by informing customers, employees, and family members about such structures for the smooth running of your family and business during the holidays.

For visibility, schedule content ahead, or plan to have contributors create content for your blog/community.

2. Delegate Tasks 

Delegating tasks is a form of strength in trusting others to carry out a task without micromanaging. You should delegate tasks that other people can do for you like cooking, washing, cleaning, running errands, sales, marketing, etc. there are so many things you think you have to do that you can delegate.

This saves you time, effort and money in the long run. I had to get a home assistant to help with house chores to give room for me to spend quality time with my boys and also attend meetings that pay the bills. So you can look through the task that takes your time that you can delegate for you to enjoy the summer holidays.

3. Have The Plan To Rest
Holidays are to relax and slow down intense work for you to be rejuvenated before the holidays end. Put measures in place to take care of yourself, physically, mentally, and otherwise.

If you need to have work ongoing, ensure that your team also gets some time off at some point during the year so that everyone can have a moment to rest and recharge

If you don’t plan to rest, the time will pass and you will resume work feeling stressed and anxious.

4. Repurpose Content

Repurposing content is also called content recycling. This is the practice of reusing all or elements of existing content in order to expand that content’s reach. There are different ways you can repurpose your content which is by creating multiple content types from ONE piece of content. For example, a Youtube video can be repurposed into SlideShare, infographics, ebooks, quotes, podcast episodes, blog posts, etc. This can be distributed or redistributed through various digital platforms your audience is actively on. This takes the pressure off you as you relax during the holidays while still having content to publish for your business.

5. Market Aggressively

The holidays is a season where people are ready to splurge on things they need or want and you can strategically. Promote your services to attract potential leads. You can take advantage of the holiday spirit to aggressively offer special holiday discounts, run festivity campaigns online and offline and engage with your audience across all social media platforms. You can sell even while enjoying the holidays.

6. Maximise Technology

 Technology is to make life easier; so utilise it to automate processes like content creation, content distribution, payment processes, delivery and so much more. This enormously saves you resources to be channeled to something more productive.

Work and life outside work can be balanced if the proper structures are put in place especially doing business during the holidays. Remember, the holidays are to relax and reflect for a full work time so enjoy the ample time with family. Though, business can be slow or demanding depending on the industry but understand the peculiarity of your business and use it to plan to run your business during the holidays. 

Hope you find this helpful? Let me know in the comments section.

Happy Summer Holidays!


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