5 Best Ways to Maximise PR and Media Exposures

5 Best Ways to Maximise Media Exposures

PR is extremely important, and being able to use it in the right way means everything. You have to market your success. -Lee Haney. 

Public Relations is incredibly powerful and has the ability to make or mar a brand whether it is personal or at an organisational level.  Public relations is simply the use of existing PR platforms to project or amplify your reach. It is definitely important for any serious-minded expert to know how to use these existing platforms to promote their brand even though you are a newbie in growing your business online. In this blog, I would share actionable steps to maximise Media exposures.

 5 Ways to Maximise Public Relations and Media Exposures

  1. Use Stories to attract attention audiences: To maximise exposures from the media, it is great to share stories that resonate with your values and form the perception you want to create in your target audience. It is pertinent to strategically share unique angles of your brand, share achievements to show impacts and stories that makes you human and relatable for the audience to identify with your brand or organisation.

Tip: Hack storytelling to win the hearts of your brand’s audience. Share stories in a relatable yet filled with a message for your audience.

  1. Build cordial connections with media personalities: Network and connect to those who understand Media like journalists, reporters, content creators and influencers in your industry or field. Be intentional in leveraging these connections to share with them valuable insights, exclusive content and interesting story ideas. They are always looking out for interesting, engaging and informative stories to share so it would be useful to share this in relation to your industry and the values you share.

Tip: Make friends with the media, they are useful for your brands.

  1. Leverage social media platforms: So many lives have been changed through the power of social media. You can maximise the use of social media by engaging with your audience on platforms they spend time with, share press releases when applicable, collaborate with influencers while utilising user-generated content to increase your reach and organic exposure.

Tip: Be social on social media to build an online reputation for your brand either personal or organisation.

  1. Optimise your online presence: So many brands have accounts on social media but cannot keep up with the buzz that comes with being active online as well as having an optimised presence to ensure they are seen by the target audience. I recommend that you ensure that you finish up all the setup of your social media accounts like bio, profile pictures, highlights, links, etc. Post valuable content consistently, use great pictures, videos and designs that resonate with the audience. For websites and blogs-show up on rankings; utilise SEO techniques to improve visibility and attention.

Tip: Optimise and post on all relevant social platforms to improve visibility and attention.

  1. Utilise strategic partnerships: Public relations with other complementary brands  is another way to optimise social media exposures.  For example, a model collaborating with a photography, accessories, and fashion brand to feature in a lifestyle brand. I encourage you to co-create content, sponsor events, or participate in joint campaigns to leverage each other’s audiences and gain wider media coverage. Strategic partnerships with relevant and complementary brands can strategically increase your brand’s visibility and credibility.

Tip: There is power in collaboration; take advantage of it!

Public relations and Media exposures can be maximised using the above strategies. With a data driven and innovative approach it would be rewarding for your brand. 

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