Bank Your Brilliance: 6 Visibility and Profit Strategies

bank your brilliance

“Your ability to do well in life depends on your ability to sell others on the things in which you believe!” Grant Cardone

Doing well in our context would be running a visible and profitable business online. It doesn’t matter how well you know a subject matter, your ability to earn a living from that knowledge is highly dependent on how many people know about you and are willing to invest in you and your product/services.

Ethan is an experienced musician who expertly and effortlessly plays the guitar. However, despite his incredible talent, Ethan’s revenue is confined to getting paid as a music teacher at the university. Through the Bank Your Brilliance Program, he was able to create courses to teach others how to play the guitar, wrote a best-selling book on Amazon, facilitated private coaching sessions on the art of music, and so on. 

This could be you. 

No matter the niche, you can create a highly visible and profitable brand online. 

This can be a struggle however if you are prone to copying the strategies of others without developing what can work for you. 

I have consistently been doing this for almost a decade for myself and my clients and I would like to share 6 strategies using the acronym WEALTH that can help you build a brand that attracts new audiences and makes increasing profit, even if you are relatively new to building a business online. 

6 Steps to Building a Profitable and Visible Business for Professionals

5 strategies for visibility and profit

  1. Work on your branding

Building a personal brand is a great way to reflect your values, and skills that can make you visible to your clients. First, understanding your personality enables you to tell a compelling story that attracts your target audience. Personal branding helps you to attract quality networks and access free media exposure. Also, It quickly gives your businesses and paid programs a good start leveraging on your good personal brand.

  1. Establish your expertise

According to Victoria Bond “True expertise is the most potent form of authority” and I agree. Positioning yourself as an expert in your field helps you establish credibility and attract valuable clients and customers. It enables you to gain premium clients and impact your community. You can establish your authority by sharing valuable content via different means like blogs, social media, podcasts, videos and so much more.

  1. Amplify your reach

Attention is the currency to amplify your reach. Where and how do you want to reach your audience? This determines the channels you employ to amplify your reach however you must leverage as many channels as possible to increase your reach. Reach is a game of numbers, especially with the rise of a lot of people trying to get the same attention you are aiming for. It is important you amplify your reach by leveraging social media platforms, public speaking engagements, guest blogging, collaborations, partnerships and so much more. This helps to strategically and consistently expand your audience and reach new clients and customers.

  1. Leverage strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships are beneficial for everyone involved as it leads to cross-promotions. and affiliate opportunities that would generate additional income for the parties involved. Collaborating with complementary businesses and brands helps you tap into new audiences and increase reach and profits.

  1. Tap into multiple streams of income

A wise man once said that to be financially independent you must have at least 7 streams of income. Do you have 7 streams of income? No? Then you should consider ways to monetise your skills by exploring different ways to make money from your knowledge. For example, you can monetise your skills by creating courses, having software as a service, hosting events, writing books, facilitating a session on your expertise, and even getting affiliate commissions by promoting for others.

  1. Harness digital platforms

There are different digital platforms to help have a profitable brand. They are platforms available for content creation, content distribution, product creation, payment facilitation, product delivery, etc. They are available so you can capitalize on their uses and features to maximise your earning potential.

Wealth creation through a profitable brand needs intentionality and consistency which pays in the long run. I help professionals who have established their expertise to maximise digital platforms for-profit and high visibility.

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