Social Media Content: Expectations vs. Reality

So you took the plunge.

Everyone kept saying you needed a social media page for your business. “Instagram is the in thing now!” – Oh, you had heard that phrase countless times and well, you agreed that every business worth its salt should have an active Instagram page. So you did it, you opened the page and started posting your products. It’s been close to a year since you did, but alas, no sales!

What’s happening?

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Let me break it down for you.

Sure, there are thousands of business owners on social media, who are doing quite well, to say the least. However, almost no one specifically comes on social media looking for what to buy. How then do these business owners generate sales? The answer is simple- with a strong and diverse content strategy. If you don’t serve content that speaks to your audience’s pain points, your competition will.

In this article, I’ll be sharing exactly what you’re doing wrong meeting those sales expectations, and how you can create an amazing reality for your social media content.

Expectation: My products are affordable and amazing. All I need to do is put them out there, and buyers should come.

Reality: Instagram alone has over 600 million monthly active users. Fifty-one percent of Instagram users access the platform daily, and 35% check the platform several times per day. A crucial part to generating sales is awareness – is your target market aware of your offerings? Have you even defined your target market?

You may be thinking, “oh sure, my target audience is this particular age or gender etc.” However, your content needs to go beyond simply identifying demographics. Put yourself in a potential customer’s shoes. What is the experience you want them to get when they visit your page? What is the need that they have that you need to make them aware of?

When you take the time to understand how your target customer thinks and what you want them to feel, you’ll better understand what kind of content will resonate better with them and how you can earn their trust and loyalty.

What to do: Define your target market and outline what a typical customer would want to see. Create content that fits with this experience.

Expectation: All I need is a large following on social media, once I get that, I would generate more sales.

Reality: Large followership doesn’t necessarily equal engagement and sales. Yes, a high amount of followers might make you look good, but are these numbers converting to revenue? Do you get engagements? Do you have a community?

Large followership is good, but one of the primary goals of creating content is to connect with your audience. You can do this by identifying their problems and showing them how to overcome them; this will not only build brand loyalty, but it will keep them coming back for more and even share to others.

What to do: Connect with your audience by interacting with them. Post engaging stories and ask for their thoughts. Ask them what kind of content they would want to see from you – This would greatly improve engagement.

Expectation: As long as I keep posting and showing up online daily, I would get more engagement.

Reality: Constantly posting daily is not the only focus. Are you creating content that your audience thinks is valuable?

Before ever sharing content, think about your audience and target market, and ask yourself if it’s something they would like to see and share with their friends. Don’t just create content for the heck of it. Once you’ve discovered what your audience would want, it’s time to plan your content. The content you create needs to be relevant and unique – It’s not all about “you.” Focus your efforts on creating content that will engage your target audience.

What to do: Effectively plan out your content before you post. Use the feedback gotten from interacting with your audience to create related content.

When you specifically create content that resonates, you would increase engagement, and get more results!

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