Email Marketing Hacks: Free Content Ideas And Prompts Included

Have you ever been called a snob?


Well, not to my face anyway, ‘cos I’m as sweet as sweet corn in the salad. (Don’t ask Mr Z đź¤Ł)

But hey, what would you do if you were in Sarah’s shoes?

She was new in town and her sister had talked so much about this handsome, single colleague of hers. She was mildly amused and once she heard his deep, soothing voice over the phone, she couldn’t wait to meet him.  

At dinner, he was the perfect gentleman. Nice conversation, amazing food. They really connected on so many levels. Time went by fastttttt.

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Then 3 days turned to 2 weeks. 

No calls. No texts. Sarah was beginning to wonder if she had said or done something wrong. 

He just disappeared.

Well, she concluded that it was one of two things

Either he wasn’t interested in her as much as she thought 

Or he was simply too busy 

Either way, she was better off by herself because she wasn’t ready to chase anyone to be with her.


Do you do this to your email subscribers?

They gave you their emails because they are interested in the solutions you offer. 

But they’ve not heard anything from you. 

When you decide to even message them, they would probably be wondering, “who is this, and why are you sending me a message?”

Because out of sight (especially online) is out of mind. 

Here’s what to do to ensure you keep the communication lines open. 

  • Create an Email Autoresponder 
  • Send broadcast messages 
  • Keep up with and share trends 

Email Autoresponder 101 – Email Marketing Hack for Newbies

An autoresponder is an automatic message sent to an individual because they made an action. It could be because they signed up for a free gift, purchased a product from your online store or even didn’t complete the purchase.

Fact is, it is created and set up based on the action of the individual.

Email autoresponders are a series of messages timed in order to deliver information that is educative, informative, entertaining and also promotes a sale.

Many people just collect emails and never contact their email list again. 

You shouldn’t.

They might look like a bunch of letters and numbers on an excel sheet, but each person is an individual or a representative of a company who has taken the first step to getting to know you.

Don’t leave them waiting.

Email autoresponders should generally contain:

  1. Delivery of what they signed up for.
  2. A welcome email that introduces you and your brand/company
  3. Your Why for being in business
  4. Your best performing content, max 3 links with their topics and why people love them
  5. Testimonials of those who have worked with you
  6. Promotion of a product/service

Everyone is nearing the end of the year and preparing for the new year. Don’t wait till you have something to sell before you send out an email to your list. 

Here are a few content prompts you can use to warm up your email list to build your rapport with them.

Email Marketing for Companies & Corporate Organizations

Content ideas for companies include but are not restricted to:

  • Recent award nominations or wins. This could be either for the partners or any C-Suite member or the company as a whole. This establishes your authority as the go-to company in your industry
  • A company anniversary or milestone. This helps people celebrate with you. You make them feel like an insider.
  • A recent article from the company
  • A list of open positions for hire
  • “Dear Sam” segment – Where you address questions from your audience. This is useful in building a thought leadership brand
  • A message from the CEO. This could be once a month, and could also be published on your website. So you share the link with your email subscribers. Repurposing content, for sure!
  • Important dates to keep in mind. This is to inform your tribe about upcoming events or newsworthy occurrences, launches, etc that they would love to be a part of.

And a host of other amazing ideas that help to nurture your relationship with your tribe. 

Email Marketing Ideas for Personal Brands (Speakers, Coaches, Authors)

Being a personal brand means that people believe in you as a person. You can choose what aspects of your life to share. Content ideas include

  • Latest podcast/blog article or YouTube video – You share valuable information via audio, text, or video that helps your audience solve a nagging pain.
  • What I’m Reading. People are curious. If they see you as someone worth following, they’d want to know how you learn. Sharing lessons from a book you’re reading helps to solidify your “teacher” stance. Your audience sees you as a wealth of knowledge. When they need solutions, who will they look for? YOU!
  • My Take On XXX – Share your thoughts on a trending topic
  • Your Bucket List. This can be tweaked in different ways but it is targeted at building camaraderie. Letting them see your dreams can inspire them to also dream.
  • New product launch. You tell them how you are positioned to make their lives better or easier.
  • Events I recommend. This is a win-win for all. Your audience gets access to a life-changing event, the event owner registers more participants because of you and you earn brownie points (social credit) with the event organizers.

I could go on and on.  Download 30 High-Performing Content Ideas for Email Marketing & Social Media for FREE.

I’m looking forward to working with 5 brands who are ready to enter 2021 with a bang and an email list that is more like a community than a hall filled with hundreds (or thousands) of mannequins. 


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Rooting for you,


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